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Valentines day is almost here.

Valentines is February 14th!
I was sitting here this morning trying to think of  a nice gift to give Mary for Valentines. It's quite hard to give a gift to someone who owns a gift shop believe it or not. I have done flowers in the past and that went well, there are several nice flower shops in Roseburg to choose from.
The best advice I ever received about giving  gifts to a loved one , was from my sister Retta. What she told me was" Never to send gifts to their home."
" Women love getting gifts, but they really love getting them in front of other women."
Since then, I have always sent Mary's gifts to her work place.
This year instead of sending your love flowers , why not give something as unique as your love.
A Custom made gift basket from Wicker Works. Mary can put one together to meet any color or theme you may have.  Call or stop in after 4pm (Thats when Mary gets here) and discuss your idea with Mary.
Oh ..... we can deliver on Feb.14 as well.
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