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The Big Snow

  As I sit here and type this ,waiting for the snow to start, I got to thinking about the "Big Snow " here in Roseburg. 
  How many of you can remember "The Big Snow"?   January 1969 , 44.20" per the archives from KQEN . Almost 14" in one 24 hour period.  
 What I mostly remember from that time was something like 7 snow days , maybe more .Seems longer. Snow everywhere , nobody going anywhere in a car. I lived on Currier St. out in Winchester back then, I was 11 1/2 years old. When we were children it was important to always add the 1/2 , oh to have all those  1/2's back. 
  We spent countless hours trudging up the hill with inner tubes and sleds, building the sliding course through the trees. putting in three jumps, making it just right. Must have walked up and slid down that hill 75 to a 100 times a day, hands and feet so wet and cold you lost all feeling in them.  
 Running home and putting our hands under the hot water faucet to get our fingers unfrozen enough to change clothes and eat a peanut butter and honey sanwhich, then back out the door for more sledding , till it got so dark we could not see the bottom of the run from the top.  Good times!  
 I remember by friend Bobby's Dad ,Joe riding his snowmobile down the street and around our willow tree then shooting up the street. he even got my mother to go for a ride, him laughing and her screaming all the way.  
 Some of the older kids got an old junker car rig up with chains and the pulled an old rusty car hood on a rope behind them , and us all piling on  and going for a ride. Good times.! 
   Anyway, dreading the thought of 1-4 inches of snow on the valley floor, I try to think back to when snow was a good thing. 
  What is your favorite memory from "The Big Snow" ?
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