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Lent is really long!!!!!!!!!

Before Lent started this year, someone at the shop asked me what I was giving up for Lent.Now a few years ago Mary and I purchased a at home soda maker from Sodastream USA. Best thing since sliced bread.
Since that time I have developed a taste for the diet orange soda they have. Addicted is the term Mary uses.  So I, thinking Lent was like Two weeks long said ,
" My Diet Soda."
After two weeks ,I asked Mary when Lent was over and she informed me that it ends Easter Weekend.

The Big Snow

  As I sit here and type this ,waiting for the snow to start, I got to thinking about the "Big Snow " here in Roseburg. 
  How many of you can remember "The Big Snow"?   January 1969 , 44.20" per the archives from KQEN . Almost 14" in one 24 hour period.  
 What I mostly remember from that time was something like 7 snow days , maybe more .Seems longer. Snow everywhere , nobody going anywhere in a car. I lived on Currier St. out in Winchester back then, I was 11 1/2 years old.
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