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Sew What's New? 2017

Happy New Year's Eve!  
Whew!  What a busy year 2017 turned out to be.  So much for writing an update each month.  Although I'd love to say I will follow through monthly next year, I am realistically just going to say I vow to do better.  "Better" is my word for the year.  Better is always reachable.  Better doesn't require huge, seemingly  unreachable goals, it simply means you are continually making progress  
It was a great year, attending 16 different fairs and shows around Oregon.

Sew What's New?

Well.......I didn't quite meet the criteria for a monthly update but I feel guilty if I'm not in front of the sewing machine, cutting out or doing the finishing work by hand.  This weekend marked the end of the summer season of fairs and shows, I think. Booked myself a little tight this year.  A show a month doesnt sound too bad until you try to get enough product done between shows.  And then there has been the heat!  The She Shed is a bit of a sweat lodge during the summer, but I'll be missing these days when I'm bundled in three layers and sewing with gloves on this winter!

Sew what's new?

Sew What's New?
March, 2017

A day late on my second newsletter!!!  I was going to throw Mike 'under the bus' and say he didn't get the computer set up for me....but I'm too nice.  Though not related to sewing, I spent last evening attending a bee keepers meeting.  I'm not looking at donning a suit and netting and go capture a swarm, but we would like to create an area that attracts the bees and bats (learned that last night!) to help pollinate our garden and wherever else they may roam.

Sew What's New?

This started out to be my first attempt at a monthly blog....but I crashed the computer, so we'll call this 'first attempt, take two'.
Today marks a year since we closed the doors to our shop and Artisan's Boutique and moved to a home based business.  I now have my own She Shed, nestled in a the trees, to escape to at the end of the work day.  There's something soothing about the hum of the sewing machine and being able to look out the window and watch the birds and wildlife stroll by.
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