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Sew What's New? 2017

Happy New Year's Eve!  
Whew!  What a busy year 2017 turned out to be.  So much for writing an update each month.  Although I'd love to say I will follow through monthly next year, I am realistically just going to say I vow to do better.  "Better" is my word for the year.  Better is always reachable.  Better doesn't require huge, seemingly  unreachable goals, it simply means you are continually making progress  
It was a great year, attending 16 different fairs and shows around Oregon.

Closing the door to Wicker Works

It’s hard to believe that about this time 6 years ago we started to formulate the idea of having a shop that featured the talent of local artisan’s. In March of 2010, we opened the doors and have had a wonderful time meeting and getting to know so many customers that appreciate the arts.
But as with all great adventures,we’ve come to the end of the journey. We will officially close the doors for the public Dec. 31st 2015
Come into the shop this December for special sales on select Items.
Mike and I want to thank our Artisan's as well as all of our customers over the last 6 years,THANK YOU!

Canyonville Farmers Market

  We have been attending the Canyonville Farmers Market on Wednesday Afternoons from 4-7 pm. Located in the south parking lot of the Seven Feathers Casino. Thanks for your support!!!!!!!
  A big thank you to Mary Jean and the crew!!!! For this being thier first year, you are doing an excellent job. From a vendors point of view things have ran very smoothly, except for the keys in the truck thingy. ;-)
  The market is full of  fresh produce and crafts from local artisan's, with more coming each week.

Valentines day is almost here.

Valentines is February 14th!
I was sitting here this morning trying to think of  a nice gift to give Mary for Valentines. It's quite hard to give a gift to someone who owns a gift shop believe it or not. I have done flowers in the past and that went well, there are several nice flower shops in Roseburg to choose from.
The best advice I ever received about giving  gifts to a loved one , was from my sister Retta. What she told me was" Never to send gifts to their home."

The New Year.

As the Christmas season draws to a close, it's time to look forward to 2011. We at Wicker Works are looking to continue to offer excellent customer service, as well as the variety of Items to keep you coming back to see what's new.

Ahhhh....! The Holidays.

Wicker Works
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Holiday Gift Baskets
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Choose from such items as:
Nostalgic Snowman Tins of Cocoa
Peppermint Almond Bark and other fine choc.
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Delicious soups and bisques
Pound Cake with Cinnamon drizzle mix
Scone mix
Various berry jams and syrups
Umpqua Indian Foods
Peppermint Shortbread cookies
I Highly recomend the Peppermint Bark.
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